WTF are 0xers?

2 min readMar 24, 2022


0xers are obviously inspired by mfers — let’s just get that out of the way. They’re not a mfers derivative or a mfers 2.0, but they do build on the meme art style of sartoshi and the community philosophy of the officially unofficial mfers. We want to build the same awesome community, but with some tweaks and twists…

The 0xers name stems from the Ethereum address syntax and the recent 0x collections, fortified by the web3 me phenomenon on Twitter. The main idea behind the project is to create the no. 1 community for 0xers — that is people in the Ethereum blockchain/web3 reality. The 0xers NFTs will act as the ticket to this community, and the Discord server will really only make sense to holders. But hang on a minute! The no. 1 web3 community only has room for 10.000 members? We thought about this for some time, and the team decided that we should make 0xers a CC0 project that grants derivatives an official status when certain criteria are met. People who own one of these derivatives are considered 0xer holders, and thus get a vote in important community decisions. More details on this will be explained in another article.

So what sets 0xers apart from the rest? Apart from unique art and the official derivatives, we believe that there is a huge untapped potential in current NFT communities; We have a plan on how to tap that potential and unlock the most powerful decentralized web3 community. The details are, of course, a trade secret at this point, but once the community starts to pick up steam, things will become clear.

The roadmap will be revealed at a later stage, but we can divulge that a good portion of the mint and royalties will go to the community and be kept in a multisig wallet — for a rugless future!

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what 0xers are, but feel free to ask away here and on Twitter. More articles are coming too!

Hugs and kisses 0x0