The 0xer Roadmap

1 min readMar 29, 2022

The 0xer roadmap starts with the community, the holders. However, we will put a certain infrastructure in place to be able to meet the wishes of said community.

First off, we’ve created the role ‘holder’ in Discord, and only users with this role are allowed to submit suggestions and vote. The vote can be made anonymous, and real time vote count can be hidden to prevent sheeping. Holders of multiple 0xers get more votes.

The voting system in Discord is just the beginning, however. The community has a treasury that will be filled with more than enough ETH from mint and royalties to pursue staking, a DAO smart contract, plots in Sandbox, or anything else the community can come up with. So how much of the mint and royalties will the community get? At a minimum, the community will get 6,9% of the mint and 69% of all royalties (the royalties will be set to 4,20% in the secondary market). The treasury will quickly be moved to a multi signature wallet that would need signatures from both us in the team and representatives in the community.

We are also excited about merch possibilities; Building the 0xers brand past web3 and into the real world would be great for the community. Comics and games are other avenues we’d love to explore!

All in all, the roadmap is up to you 0xers, but rest assured that we will be ready for any idea you can throw at us!